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 Alas, this was the last year for the Ventura.  This last gasp of "Pontiac Excitement" featured a revival of the Sprint name and the shaker hood.  All records have vanished, but only a handful of these cars were created by an outfit called Wisco Corporation.  For more details see http://home.att.net/~gtoken/sprint.htm 
 (L) This is Justin.

 (R) And don't you forget it!

 (L) A complete view of Justin's whole car.  Keep up to date with Justin at www.cardomain.com  !  He's put a lot of work into this rare vehicle.

 (R) A page out of the 1977 ad campaign.  Hmmm, no Landau top covering the roofline?

 A well-kept Georgia car for sale, looks like an SJ logo on the side.
 Keith and son with their tire-shredder and its first trophy
 Lots of fine work under the hood.  See the details at www.cardomain.com 
 Another Georgia car, WITHOUT the Landau treatment. Very interesting!
 This car was listed as a '76, but the nose is a '77

 Yup, that hood ornament is genuine

 A respectable 4-door offered by Cal-Mex Autos in El Cajon, California.  Just 54,000 miles.

 A mix of old and new shots from some sales sites.

    We'd be happy to display any '77 Ventura photos that you might have, just e-mail them to Roland at  pontiacv@pontiacventura.com .  "You are not alone"