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Nick's Nice Nebraska vehicle (sold)

(L) Word continues to get out about the Sprint versions of the Ventura---  there's even a factory repro of the '71-'72 striping available now.  Maybe some day the later versions will make it to the aftermarket, too.  Meantime, enjoy these shots provided by Texas resident Mike Johnson, who writes:
"The red one was a hatchback with a Buick 350 and I had it in the Navy in Guam, USA. The white one had the 267 Olds V8 but I installed a rebuilt and improved 400 Pontiac V8. The red one seems to be unique because it had so many (apparently factory) colors on it. It was mainly red with black lower stripe, silver hood stripe, and a white top."

He may have additional shots of these cars, so let's wish him luck finding them.  The white car is especially hot!

(R) The owner of this mint Sprint asked for assistance in finding a price and a buyer for this remarkable car...he wrote:
"Car has been garage kept all its life. Very clean for Illinois salty road car. My 78 year old mother says sell the car, but I have had no luck locally...One local 'kid' offer her $500, which I said no to. I will get some better photos in a few weeks, start it up and back it out of the garage and get the motor (also so clean it is sick!!!)... It truly is a "little old lady car". It was real cool as a kid when my mother drove up in her "hot rod" as she called it. I think she had it up to 70 mph once!!!! Jim Loring"

You can clearly see the graduated spacing between the stripes in these views. Can't wait to see this car after it's washed and waxed!

  (L) An Illinois car NOT devoured by rust (or, "nice Bondo job"?).

 (R) Sold by a Pennsylvania dealership. This car features a fire-breathing Olds 260 V8.  Light 'em up!

 A June '03 e-bay offering.  Originally owned by the proverbial "Little Old Lady" and garaged most of it's life.  Can you believe the low mileage??!
 Another e-bay wonder. These are a few shots out of 90+ that originally appeared.  This car sits so high you could go four-wheelin'  The ad text read:  

"1975 Pontiac Ventura Sprint 2 dr. Custom hardtop, this car is extremely rare!!! Factory V-8, 3 speed manual transmission, and bucket seats are just a few items that were ordered with this car new. The work that has been done on this car includes rebuilt Oldsmobile 260 V-8 engine, newer paint, Cragar S/S wheels/BF Goodrich raised white letter tires and new springs and air shocks. All this work was done by the owner in 1984. Only 28,000 miles have been put on this car in the 6 years it was driven, and has been stored since."  Personally, I think the guy who invented air shocks should be hung, but that's another matter...Ro

 (L) "It's best to start small, then if you like the car, you can move up to the full-size model."

 (R) Was there really a '78 Ventura, as this ad excerpt suggests???  I don't think so!

 OK, this one IS a real Grannymobile! Seat material matches Gram's sofa...
 Slip behind the wheel and this straight-6 power is all yours!
 Finally, a spruced-up '75, thanks to Jason Rosvold!  
 (L) His 455 came out of a '69 Olds. More details can be found at www.cardomain.com

 (R) Some hot new photos of Jason's sharp '75, shown here at a Canadian car show with admirers nearby.

 He's selected a nice backdrop for these shots.  Nice jobHis performance mods include:
.497 lift camshaft
Edelbrock Performer Manifold
High volume oil pump
Accel HEI Super Coil, Rotor and Cap
Accel 8.8mm Plug Wires
Splitfire Plugs
Hedman Headers
Full dual custom 2.25 inch exhaust with DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers
TransCat shift kit
Hurst V-Matic 2 ratchet shifter
LockRite differential locker
Weld Wheels "Arrowhead" polished aluminum 16" wheels
Firestone SZ50 Z rated tires 205/55 front, 255/50 rear
"Also I added an extra alternator to help charge the battery when I have the stereo cranked up (98Amps each)"

If you've got a '75 Ventura that the world should know about, e-mail pics and info to: pontiacv@pontiacventura.com   If you don't own the car anymore, that's OK too.