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Good timing and awesome good looks landed this car at the top of the page.  These well-staged photos ought to make you drool!  Gary Lowman ( garylowman@verizon.net ) sent a very kind message and gives us some details on his super SX: 
"You have created a magnificent site.  I always stop, and take a look . To me it's a perfect car show, with the warmth of home...Vie had a 75 Pontiac Ventura, 75 Buick Skylark , 76 Chevy Nova . 20 yrs later, now I have a 77 Olds Omega SX...I saved this car from a 17 yr old driving it in 8 inches of snow years ago.  I've done some custom interior, some lower paint work and striping, but it runs with a 1966 BB 425. I even found old Hooker headers. Tires love to shred, the body has 64,000 miles..."  Thanks for an awesome contribution, Gary! 
(R) Christopher Murrah ( mdealer@mchsi.com ) dropped us a line 
"...Bought this '75 Omega Salon to pacify me until I find a '73 to suit me. I bought this from the original owner in Tennessee. The car has 81k miles on it....bucket seats, console, power windows, tilt, and am-fm (it works). Two things I did not like, the car color was changed from Midnight Blue Metallic to a bright blue, and it has a Buick 350 (I hated that the most). Appears to be a factory install, the harness is not modified. I now have it in a GM dealership body shop, replacing the door and repainting it back to its original color. The vinyl top will be gone. Keep up the great work on your site!"  It's interesting to see the "Salon" logo actually stuck onto the car.
(L)  Another long-time Omega fan checks in:  "This is my 1977 OLDSMOBILE OMEGA...it has a 231 V6 in it for now. It needs a little TLC (but) I can't wait till it's all new again.  I bought it this year for only 500 bucks (I had 2 other Omegas before, that's why I bought this one). I love these cars." Ed Mrasz ( Blmrasz@windstream.net )

(R) Otis Olinger ( otisolinger@sbcglobal.net )is the proud new owner of this luxury X-body.   "I bought this car on E-Bay for $610.00. It has a V-6 for now, 95,000 miles, and everything is original. It has a lot of work in its future, I can't wait!" 

Hey, that's the spirit!

^new pic added!


Here's an LA car lookin' good after a repaint.  Viewed from this angle, I think the rear quarter-window outline created by the landau treatment actually looks pretty good, but the actual top can sometimes look like a large piece of fungus growing over the back of the car.  But vinyl tops were hot stuff back in the day :-)

Oldsmobile factory photo of the '75 Omega.  Carried by the folks at AutoLit, among other similar e-bay goodies.

Chris Stoyles ( stoyles350@hotmail.com ) has put some work into his sharp '75 Omega.  The cowl hood looks great. He says "the car is originally from Happy Valley Goose Bay in Labrador. It has a 350 bored 40 over, it's 440 hp, is a lot of fun and can certainly move."
A bit of scrounging around on the ol' PC turns up some shots of a '76, not a very common year.  Check out the very plush interior with nice padded door panels and chrome shifter.  Nice special effects from the camera lens, too.

During a weekend road trip, I spotted this lonely Omega and of course had to show you the proof...!

(L) You remember what this car used to look like, with its bashed-in driver's door? Well, this is another Chris Murrah creation.  "...after a year in the body shop, the 75 is finally back home.  Back to the original color, no more vinyl top, and I am in the process of getting it detailed to sell...it definitely is a comfy car to drive with the plush factory buckets---Oldsmobile used Cutlass buckets and not Nova buckets that year."   It may have spent a long time in the shop, but the result is amazing!

(R) Another view of Chris Stoyles' fine Canadian '75 Omega with cowl hood.

Highway photo of an Omega spotted in Seattle...I do remember the car had a real nice rumble as it headed into the sunset.  I caught this possible '76 at a materials recycling site, also in the Seattle area.  I've seen a couple more non-Novas out and about, but I was too slow on the draw.
Another local car, this one was for sale out of Bellevue, WA.  Grandma saved this one just for you.

A special bonus for those who might have missed it when it appeared in our Ad section, these are some of the last photos of Gary Lowman's awesome 77 Omega SX before he parted with it.  Check out the unique gauge cluster...

Elsewhere on the site, we have an ad showing the Omega doing taxicab service in Austria.  I'm not sure if this car's roots were in shuttling people around, but it's still a very moving ride for owner Edwin Hromek ( edwin_hromek@hotmail.com
"First of all I want to tell you that I love your site! I can't believe that there are still some maniacs like me out there that favor the nowadays "almost extinct" Omega series. Here in Vienna, Austria I am surely one of a few rare owners of an Omega - maybe the only one with a 76 model V8 engine still running (V6s are more common).
"This car had originally the 305ci Buick small block which I changed with a more powerful 350ci Chevy that now produces approx. 350hp. I still love to drive this car in my spare time and it's a lot of fun on the drag strip, too.  Although I also own a 71 Charger SE 318cui, this Omega is much more powerful and I love to scare kids daring to duel me on the streets...because this black beauty (I call it "the Lady") really kicks some if need be."
The all-black treatment seems to wear well on these 4-doors, and even makes this Olds look menacing.  (Update: the car is actually a '76 wearing a '77 grille according to Edwin.)

Chris Stoyles did a nice job posing these shots, which finally do justice to his exceptionally nice '75 Omega, and the maroon/white interior with sport wheel really stands out.  The mild cowl hood looks very good on the Olds. ( stoyles350@hotmail.com )

(L) Some of us are familiar with the symptoms of X-Body Withdrawal or Seller's Remorse ... Gary Lowman, former Omega SX owner, drops us a note:

"Well I couldn't leave the X-body car out of my life long.   This was my uncle's car, a 78' Omega, it has the 305 Chevy motor and 20,000 original miles.  It still has front sway bar tags hanging on the car.  In honor of my uncle, it's going to receive a Corvette drive line and paint.   

"And I can't believe it, but I found my old Omega SX in a garage collecting dust...1/4  inch of dust already.  Don't know its fate, but if I buy it back, it's also getting the royal treatment (modern driveline).  Gary  garylowman@verizon.net "

Gary also found some Olds production numbers. "I got all this info from another site (of course, I can't remember which one). Maybe you can use it in your tech section."

Total 2-door production:  1977-18,611.   1978-15,632.   1979-4,806.
SX option:                       1977-3,499      1978-2,376      1979-702.

(R) The Omega is also surviving pretty well out here on the West Coast.  I think the blue 4-door was the same car featured for sale at one time on this site...had I not been in such a hurry to pick up some visitors (this was at a train station), I could have met the owner.  With a little better lighting on the grille, this almost looks like a publicity shot  :-)

There's more than one way to have fun with your Oldsmobile... Eric Wilson ( newyawkstrong@yahoo.com ) tunes in with a new angle on our X-body hobby--- he's here "...to show off my baby I call Krakatoa*.  I compete in USACI competitions in AZ 600-1000 watt class. What you can't see is the complete system which consists of 3-10s and 1-12 inch titanium subs...

"The car once again needs a paint job, and it only has the 260 v-8, but she does the job as far as rattling windows. Hey, if you can't be fast might as well be loud. Thanks for the great website." 

He reports that the engine is mostly chrome now and looking good (sorry I couldn't open some of his ZIP files showing the motor). "I have added a cold air intake to my Omega as of 4-20-07. Now I know she is only a 260 v8 but she runs great and I don't have any problems with her. Also added was an Accel coil in cap, and the battery was located to the trunk to power my stereo system."

* Scholars of natural history may recall that Krakatoa was a volcano that erupted in 1883, making what is believed to be the loudest noise ever heard on earth. -Ro

(L) This dash cluster was advertised locally, and looks like a nice alternative to those idiot lights.  Others have noted that it might also be used in the Nova SS.  Anyone retrofitting this into a post-'75 X-body might consider replacing the bogus woodgrain with a more modern finish...unless, of course, you are too embarrassed to be seen with the 80mph speedometer.  (Compare those dark days with the current horsepower mania---we've never had it so good.)

(R) Omega owner Angie ( angiehunter75@hotmail.com ) drops us a line:

"Hi there--- I bought this car in 1999 for $220!!! from the original owner. She only had 88,000 original miles, NO rust & minimal body damage (scratch, crease dents & door dings). The price was right & she purrs like a kitten. The original 305 is in it but I had to replace the carb. I changed it & the intake to a 4 bbl Edelbrock 660. Now she goes like STINK!!  Its so many colors as I am restoring her...but it's a slow & painful process, as parts are IMPOSSIBLE to find!! Not to mention DUMB drivers keep hitting me!! Hence needing fender & front bumper, drivers window, front passenger fender.  Love this site, as I need so many parts.  I live in Surrey BC, Canada--near Vancouver. Email me. (pics are previous to accident) .Thanks!!"

We'd love to include your car photos on this site!  Just e-mail them to pontiacv@pontiacventura.com