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Robert McGrath ( ROBERTMCGRATH3@aol.com ) was surprised to find his car in one of our compilations, and forwarded some before and after shots to show the shocking transformation.  He absolutely nailed the color (a Ford color, I recall) and moved the rear bumper in for a cleaner look.  Can you win a trophy the first time showing your car?  He did!
(L) Someone must have replaced the grille on this car, or didn't know what year it really was.  But it looks pretty clean, and that's a pretty sporty looking steering wheel.

(R) Kristopher Milligan spent a little computer time dreaming up a new look for his 4-door Skylark.  I think the tinted glass would give the car an edge.  At last word, I think the original V6 expired and he was looking at some V-8 power.

(L) A compilation of Skylarks that I've spotted locally.  There seems to be no shortage of these 4 doors in the Seattle area.

(R) One of our site visitors drew my attention to this e-bay offering, and this is the first '79 4-door we've seen.  I think there's some Bondo on this one!  Dig that vinyl top, too.

(L) Press kit image from the dashing (yes, I'm kidding) '75 Apollo.   The literature indicates that 2-door versions are available, but that never came to pass.  The '75 2-doors were introduced as the new Skylark.

(R) An "S/R" version of the '76 Skylark.  Buick's treatment of the X-body did have some pretty lines, and the '76 had a particularly clean look, in my humble opinion.  These photos were probably captured from ebay by contributor Eliezer Perez.

We always love to hear from X-body owners outside of the US...so it was great to see another Skylark from Europe.  When I asked the owner if they wouldn't mind posing the car with a windmill, this unique farm scene was the result.  It looks like a postcard shot, or of one of those pictures you would see on a 2000-piece puzzle box.  Nice work!!!

Waiting to strike...

...hammer down!

Norway's Jon Venstad ( jonvenstad@bluezone.no ) had a great 2005 racing season, landing sponsorship from Sunoco.  Here are a couple of action photos that he forwarded from another site, but we're happy to run them here too!

"Hi Roland ; I just have to send you some more pictures of my Buick Skylark from the 2005 race season...there are some more on http://www.lediardfoto.com/Dragracing.htm .

"Finished 2nd in Bracket racing championship in Norway 2005 (only 2 points from 1st place).  Had a supercharger failure last race so I could not finish. The rotor went in contact with the rotor housing, apparently because of a twist in the rotor case , caused by failure in production.  I am more than sure that we did not over-torque it. In the race, it suddenly made a lot of noise, and when I shut off engine, the rotor was melted into the casing. I tried to re-machine it , but...it now gives only 7 psi and should be at 14.  We got detonation too because of the supercharger failure (hot air).

"Next year I will get new heads (AirFlow Research) and a new Weiand supercharger....with Teflon tips on rotor this time, hehe. I think the engine itself is ok, I built it to last. This winter I will do something with the rear end of the drive line and chassis. Also, I will rebuild the gearbox, with the "blue racing clutches" kit. All manual drive TH-350 sequential gear box...This should now be capable of handling 650+ HP."

You just never know where you might find our beloved X-body cars...I've had parts requests from Ventura owners in Iran, but this is the first series of pictures to surface from that country. These photos are courtesy of some Westerners living in Tehran (to use the old spelling)... 

"Hi, you have a great site, here are some pics of cars that my sister took in Iran. They look like 1979 Buick Skylarks but they are called 'Buick Iran'. They were apparently still built in Iran during the 1980's... the cars that were built in Iran were also built by GM, and GM still exported other cars there in the eighties after the revolution.  I think that the Nova and Seville models were also built there but I don't know if the Phoenix was...do you know more about these?  Apparently, people like American cars there just as much as they like them here!
"She says that this country is a great place (except for the level of pollution in Teheran), with great people, but their government is not doing what people want... (I mean not at all!)  Phil R."

Due to the current political climate, I've changed a few names and details to provide some anonymity for the source of these photos, but a big thank you for the unique contributions!  We love this kind of stuff.  Just look at the wear and tear on these cars!  Another photo showed that the brown car has dents in the doors and rear bumper, and only one remaining Buick wheel cover.  The white car has its mirror tucked in close, probably necessary for negotiating tight quarters and traffic.  Both cars are missing the chrome trim on the leading edge of the hood; the brown car looks like it was never even installed.

Here come the Canadians in their Skylarks!
(L) Doug writes: "We recently bought a 1978 Buick Skylark (four door) from a family friend. I plan to put it on the road in a while and fix it up gradually with a new paint job, seat covers, etc..."  He even considered throttle body fuel injection, but that might be overkill for a 4-door.

(R) Marie-Claude Lévesque ( skylark76@videotron.ca ) tells us that a Chevy 350 with 425hp will be going into this Skylark soon.  You know folks are serious about their car when they name their email address after it!

(L) The email was short on details, but I suspect this is another Canadian Skylark, clearly another project in work. 

(R) Seattle seems to be Skylark Heaven.  In addition to these cars, I also checked out a rock-solid '75 with a bad tranny and rough interior...but the asking price was only $200!  Too dark for good pics, sorry.  Anyway, the silver car at left looks like a hatchback (see the small rear quarter window), and the yellow car happened to be parked right where I pulled up at the mall.  The landau has seen better days, while the white freeway flier looks fine.  Interestingly, ALL of these cars had the rear bumper filler rotted out (including the '75 I looked at).  The Novas I've seen don't seem to have this problem, something to keep in mind if you're a Skylark owner looking for parts.

Here are a few Buicks I snapped this year (notice the 2 door shows the rear bumper filler going to pieces, which seems to be the case on most of the 1975-on Buick Skylarks).  The 4-door seems to be a regular visitor to Seattle's Chinatown area.
Edgar (sonido4reyes@peoplepc.com ) is back with some updates to his brilliant blue Buick!  He says: "Thank you for putting my pictures on your web page. By the way if you are interested here are other pictures I took of the 75 Buick Apollo/Skylark with Cragar rims, I think it looks terrific, what do you think?"  I'd say that Edgar's achieved a nice flashy look without going overboard...a fine piece of work!
Check it out, more new photos of a live X-body from Iran.  Keivan Akbari does the honors:

"Hi there, thanx for your nice site. I love American cars, and these X-bodies are great samples. Here's some pictures of me and our family car, a Skylark. It is a 1979 model, but this one was built in 1986. These cars, including the Chevy Nova, were built here till 1990.We had a Chevy Blazer before this, and they're both cool cars. I'm sending you this from Tehran where some of these lovely creatures are still roaming around. By the way, the 80's Chevy Royal and Caddy Seville were also built in a shorter period. Take care and good bye. Keivan" ( k1_ak@yahoo.com

Keivan later sent photos of a car show with lots of American iron, everything from 1940s cars to 1960s Lowriders, Camaros, you name it.  The appeal of American cars is worldwide!

(L) Imagine my surprise stumbling across this parked Buick almost in the heart of downtown Seattle.  I hope these parts cars are around when I need them!  This one looks like it still runs, but appears to have been parked for a long time.

(R) "They're here"... the X-body continues to turn up in Seattle, and we prove it by publishing these candid street shots (with privacy measures taken, of course).  Note the bumper filler falling apart on the '77, and the '78 is the one currently appearing in our ad section...When I ran the ad, I didn't realize that I'd accidentally stumbled across the car weeks previously!

This is a '79 Skylark, still living in Seattle as of the spring of 2006.  Spotted it again in the Chinatown area summer of 2007, too.

Forward your cool rides to Roland at: pontiacv@pontiacventura.com