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Al Pipher, owner of a beautiful green '73 Sprint, also had these shots of another '73 Sprint on his computer.  This one has a personal interpretation of the "Sprint" logo.  Someone e-mailed him the photos a while back, and he wanted to share them here...maybe the car's owner will surface some day.  It was located in Ontario, Canada.
 (L) A small collection of Sprints.  Note the '74-style nose.

 (R)  Someone pasted a GTO nose onto this Pennsylvania '73.

 Several folks drew my attention to this e-bay beauty.  The accent stripe is a nice touch.
  A few more gems from www.cardomain. 

 Kid smokes tires at left, and a spanking clean Ohio original at right.

 (L) A collection of vehicles with a common theme.  The Texas car with the (homemade?) hood scoop was advertised as a "GTO".  

 (R) Several views of a nice Florida-based show car that has come up for sale a few times.

  (L) Shawn in Panama City, Florida forwarded this photo. We're looking forward to more details...judging by all the window stickers, some upgrades have probably been made.

 (R) Another nice shot of Shawn's car before its hood treatment.  I swear I didn't tweak the color...really!  :-)

 (L) Shawn's motor.  The car's story:
"My grandfather bought the car new in 73 and I am the second owner. The bottom end is stock with just over 100,000 miles. It has a new turbo 350 tranny with 2000 rpm stall. Headman headers, 6x heads, Edelbrock rpm cam, intake, 750 carb, double roller timing chain, HEI ignition, and a new radiator. I just found a hood scoop I think I like so I will start doing some body work now."

 (R) Here's the new side profile with the new scoop.

 Michelle from San Bernardino, California writes in: 
"My first car when I was 16 was a beat up old 1973 Ventura.  I helped my dad everyday to get it running & looking good and to this day I have to admit that my Ventura was the best car I have owned so far."  
These pictures were taken after a fresh paint job.  She also had the upholstery and headliner redone. 
The unfortunate end of Michelle's car.  T-boned by a cruddy Honda Civic at about 60mph in 1996, no one in the Ventura was hurt.  (NO SUBSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN IRON! -Ro) She hopes to restore another Ventura someday.  You go, girl!
 (L) A May '03 offering by a towing company, it appears some engine work was going on before the car was hauled off.  The car appears totally original down to the moon hubcaps and is very straight.  Hopefully this car went to a good home.  Talk about potential!!! 

 (R) The Sprint version of the '73 usually carried a '74 style nose.  But were all the '74-nosed cars Sprints?  Nope!