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(L) Here's the cover photo of a Pontiac "Safari" magazine that helped publicize the introduction of the Ventura II in 1971.  More excerpts to follow!  You can thank '72 Owner Rock Ringer for this one, too.

(R) I found another image of that Canadian '71 Sprint on www.canadianclassiccars.com  Looks like the car is for sale in this photo---and note that it has the unusual "Skyroof" option (a fold-back sunroof).

Carl in Chicago supplied these April '04 images of his '71 wearing some new moon-style hubcaps, a recent purchase from e-bay.  UPDATE 5/04:  "I got a brand new windshield installed today with shaded glass and antenna built in. $248 installed!!   www.windshieldstogo.com  Very good experience!!"
You recall this Minnesota car was for sale in our ad section a while back.  Though rust has taken its toll on the body, news is that the car has found a new owner to bring this classic back to life.  We'll keep you posted.

Check out our "X-Body Wrecks & Relics" section if you like your cars with a side helping of moss, lichens, and a light glaze of rust. This particular car was recovered in Washington state.

Somewhere out there is a very lucky 16 yr old gal whose parents bought her this extraordinary car.  Looks like the car is undergoing its physical in these shots.  Pictures are courtesy of Sis Rhoades Phillips ( sisphillips@frontiernet.net ) According to Ms. Phillips, "...it had one owner and 29,960 miles and is in great shape, paid $2200.00 for her, just needs some interior work..."

More treasures from the early days...  "Miss '71 Ventura" is wearing a pretty short outfit, I must say :-)

Here's the inside spread from the Safari Magazine pictured above.  Rock Ringer of Ideas Consolidated strikes again!  (Sorry, no Miss Ventura centerfold!)
  Perhaps down the road we'll get some larger versions of these photos, but these should hold you over for now.  You can make out the features of the '71 Sprint appearance package:  side stripes, trunk lid decal, and blacked-out grille.
SOUPIN' UP A '71  photos by Sam Farkas, May 2004
Faster than I can keep up, 16 yr old Sam and his dad are tearing down and rebuilding this 307-powered '71, which didn't really look too bad to start with, not in pictures anyway.  But I suspect the pimpmobile interior is gonna go!  Sam has also started a small website where you can enjoy some more photos at:        
If you want to talk cars and share wrenching stories, you can reach Sam at pinkyowns69@yahoo.com  "It would be cool if you could add me to (the site) cause I could get some good tips and sites from other Ventura owners!!!"  You got it, dude.
A first set of photos from new Ventura owner Nate Altfeather, who provides the background on his new ride: "Thanks for putting this site together for everyone out here and maintaining it. I have inherited this '71 Ventura, 67,000mi, a neighbor's car I've drooled over since I was 16 when I would stare into her garage windows to look at the "muscle" car; when she passed away it was given to me, so there is meaning in it for me....Keep the site up, thank you again!  Nate Altfeather ( nqaltfea@students.wisc.edu ) "

An e-bay photo from August of 2004.  More photos and details to come!

For those of you interested in purchasing the '71 Ventura brochure from the various auction sites, this is what it consists of: a 1-sheet fold-out with these images and some technical data.  It is often misidentified as a 1972 brochure.
  (L)  I know folks might be kicking themselves, saying, 'I wish that was me', but here's the story on the green machine at left:

"Congrats on the site...excellent! I purchased a 71 Ventura 2dr. in Jan 04. It's a 1 owner and needs some work but everything works and it gets a lot of looks. It's the most hideous green...my friends call it the roaring avocado.

"One of those little old lady stories...I found the car through a friend. She said her grandmother (she's 93 and still kicking) was too old to drive and she had this ugly car she had to get rid of.  I bought her for $200.00, yep $200.00. A quick jump and she ran once more. A true find; I just got lucky. I was going to paint her a different color but I look at the cars on your site in that same green.... kept up, with some wheels and I might keep the color.
"... Sorry for resolution, it's the best I got. I was cleaning out my glove box and I found all the books that came with the Ventura. Can you believe it ? I actually found the shipping order in there.... it lists all the options, the color (Tropical Lime) and costs. It was purchased for $3048.48 in Loveland CO on Colfax Ave. at Spencer Pontiac in late 71. I love this car! I went to the show yesterday and everyone was like "is that a Nova?"  I'm more and more surprised everyday with her.  Thanks, Harlen ( sadakota@juno.com )"

Well, 4-doors often don't get much respect, but this pristine example is a worthy addition to our photo collection.   And hey, 4-doors are even morphing into performance cars in the new-car world (like the forthcoming Charger).
Nice engine compartment view showing off the stock Chevy 307.

There's a 1971 owner's story in the Articles section, see "Wife Says "The Mistress Must Go!..."